2021-01-26: people you may know

i've made the mistake of, not exactly using facebook, but idly reloading it, remembering why i stopped using it, and closing the tab. people you may know: invariably "people i absolutely don't know and never will" or "people i definitely know and will never add on facebook", though today it offered a name i hadn't heard in forever.

the last name had changed, but people get married. two friends in common: yup, okay, that's her.

one of the queens of our old scene, she owned the domain that was — something like aspirational? if you were hosted there, you were fucking cool. you'd made it.

i never made it, obviously. i mean, look at this site: the extent of my powers, then and now. i wonder how often someone from that era gets my picture in their feed via one of our three shared friends, though i doubt they recognize me. maybe the name triggers some sort of recollection. or maybe not, quickly brushed aside, my profile picture very different from that time.