2023-03-11: vacation

i haven't had a big vacation in years. it's something i need badly. i'm planning a trip out sometime this summer to visit family, but that's it for this year. but i'm looking at something bigger for next year.

a transatlantic flight. a couple of weeks in europe, though i'm not sure yet what that looks like. that said: visiting with family in the uk. being second gen, i have extended family there; a lot of extended family; aunts and uncles and cousins and their children. and friends too: one of my old friends from high school and university; and a girl i knew first through friends, then wind band, who briefly lived across the lane from me, and with whom i was once almost entangled.

(another story for another day —)

my partner and i have thrown around ideas: spain; slovenia; a cottage in the cotswolds. i just want to be jolted a bit, to see the colours shift a little. there's a cottage out in brecon beacons we tried to rent the last time we were out, but couldn't; maybe there? room to explore and write and get lost a little. to drink coffee in the evening and watch an unfamiliar sunset.