2023-04-06: flight plans

the year's been a bit up in the air, but it looks like i'll be visiting my family sometime this summer (whether that's me flying there, or them coming in). caribbean at christmas? location tbd. and hopefully europe next summer.

this is all just verbal right now, but i'm so excited. i've never been to the caribbean. being able to walk into one airport when it's -30 and walk out of another where it's 60 degrees warmer; swim in warm water; explore a wholly unfamiliar place.

i'm most excited for europe. I only get to see my extended family once or twice a decade. we always make plans to stop in england, even just for a weekend, and everyone gets together for a big meal and drinks. all the aunts and uncles, the cousins and their children.

and of course we'll go elsewhere. we've talked about a cottage. or somewhere on the continent. i'd like spain; my partner, italy or greece. i don't think there's a wrong answer. i've got something to look forward to, to save for. today's a little lighter.