2023-04-15: jonesing/sushi/finally

where i live (not on the coast) there isn't, you know, world class sushi. but there are some places that are pretty good, definitely good enough, especially given where we are. i've got a favourite place a little east of downtown that's dark and not super expensive and serves great sushi.

i've been jonesing for good sushi since the start of the pandemic. google informs me i haven't been to this particular place in four years, which feels about right. but in 2020, as i was leaving the house only to get groceries and walk the dogs, i remember fantasizing about sushi boats and green bottles of lager, sitting down with friends and my partner and eating a terrifying amount of food.

tonight it's a friend's birthday, and tonight we're going there. i'm excited to eat good food in a restaurant — we've barely eaten out since the start of all this — and excited to just spend time with friends. too much death the last three years. one friend died in a motorcycle crash. a childhood friend's heart just stopped in his sleep. driving home that there are no wasted days, that all time together is good, even if it's just to get together and eat some sushi. especially.