2023-04-19: &done

i found a neat little solution to yesterday's little twitter issue: i muted myself. locked my account, cleared my profile pic and banner, deleted it from my phone, and walked away. a banner day for my haters!!

ever since musk bought twitter it's gotten progressively more awful. the whole feel of the site changed. the fun's gone. the vibe's shifted. blue checks to anyone who pays $8 month. the return of the racists and white supremacists. everything broken all the time.

i have facebook, but don't use it. i have instagram, but don't use it. twitter's now locked, so is this it? am i finally done with social media?

i locked my account earlier in the morning. cleared my profile bit by bit throughout the day, getting a little thrill each time. realizing i wanted to do this, a lot. i've checked a couple of times on desktop, and — nothing. i don't feel the urge to scroll. no notifications. no messages. radio silence.

this feels like a step forward, and a step back in time: more time to write. to work on my projects, online and off. getting back to meeting people through websites and guestbooks and burner emails; through geminispace, and my alias there. all rough edges, but real. whatever we make.