2023-04-21: the stress dream (reversed)

i'm not a particularly visual person. diagrams confound me. ask me to visualize something and my mind's eye is blank. i rarely remember my dreams.

i periodically get stress dreams. the teeth dream others get, but also the crumbling-foundation dream (my brain's ode to my first house, since torn down), and the final exam dream, where i've got a big test scheduled, either now or the next day. french or math. i haven't studied.

but this morning i woke up from a dream so strangely vivid I can still remember the colours. i'm visiting my old school. one of my professors welcomes me back. there's a grad student, someone named kate, who i don't recognize, and besides that, i've never really known any kates. she gives me a huge hug. says she's really happy to see me again.

we're in a large building. we're eating a huge buffet-style meal. we're catching up on things, nobody mentioning just how long it's been since my undergraduate days wound down. my prof decades older. all of us. there's sunlight outside. the building's surrounded by fields. everything happy. i'm happy. my brain perhaps telling me we're at the edge of something.