2023-05-03: wedding

very pleased to receive an invitation to a wedding for two of our friends early in june. i remember back in university, we went to a bunch of weddings — sweethearts, always religious, the implicit reason to be deemed official before starting to have kids. then more in our mid 20s (including our own). a handful in our early 30s. then apart from one just before the pandemic, silence.

probably to be expected. most of our friends roughly the same age as us, all of us hovering somewhere around our early 40s. but with the changes the last few years (grew my hair out, grew my beard out, put on fifteen pounds), i'm looking at my suit ruefully, wondering how much trouble i'm in.

i've started working out. i'm heavier, but more muscular. my neck will be thicker. when i was cycling 26km daily to work and back, and i was thin and fit, i had a bunch of my clothes tailored. i looked great. this was, however, probably a mistake.

hoping my suit pants fit. wondering if the jacket will fit. keenly aware the shirt will probably not fit. at least the ties will be fine? i have a nice pink and lavender checked tie, very summer-y. still not sure about the rest of it, but i have time to figure it out.

a month-ish until my first wedding in years. looking forward to it. i'm happy for them. for each, their second marriage. they've been together for years. blended their families. they're happy. and i'm very hopeful they see each other through the rest of their lives.