2023-06-24: turns out i like cheap glasses

so, glasses from the optometrist are very expensive — when i got glasses earlier this year, i got a pair of circular, gold-rimmed raybans because insurance covered it. but, it turns out you can just take your prescription and pd and buy glasses online? for like, $20 shipped?

so before the optometrist pair was even ready, one of my co-workers gave me a heads up about the online place he uses and the code that'll knock $99 off, basically making most of the glasses free except for shipping. and so i got a pair from them as a backup because i'm very clumsy. they're inexpensive, but they're also fine? and they look the same as expensive glasses?

so long story short now i have a third pair. they're big and a bit clunky and don't fit amazingly and i'm always having to push them up my little nose, but i love them.

glasses are great! i look great! i should've had my vision corrected ages ago.