2023-07-06: blocking the bad ones

i've mentioned i've found myself in a group chat. half a year and it's still going strong. and i was reading through some of the earlier messages, during our initial white-hot outburst of energy, and found some stuff i missed at first. info about someone from those days. someone unknown to me, but a menace to others.

google the name: social media accounts. google the username: encyclopedia dramatica, and at length (oof). who knows how much of it is true. but it rhymes with what we were told.

i keep going back and forth between the manicured happiness and professionalism of their social media, and then the groupchat messages, and thinking, yeah, no, that's who you are. a bad person. dangerous. and so i blocked them on social media. adjacent industries, sort of: we have a single follower in common. unlikely they'll ever know about the block, or for what. but i know. decades on, names like passwords.