2023-07-19: more travel

tentative plans for next summer. everyone's schedules have worked out perfectly: a road trip south, down into the states.

i haven't been to the US in ages. went to washington state as a kid, then nothing for decades, though as a teenager, i went wilderness camping so close to montana that we could've just hiked south a couple days and been there.

the last time i was in the states was in 2018, for a conference. before that, december in chicago, 2016. as for where we're going next year — minnesota, maybe the dakotas? — it's been a while. 2014, ten years ago next summer. a long time, but: in the trump years, it never felt like a priority. everything darker, more dangerous. even though the border's not far. the case for most canadians. the vast majority of us within a hundred miles of the border.

there are a lot of unfulfilled road trips in my head: to the US south-west, or to new orleans, or east to montréal, down to new york, down the east coast. maybe one day. the years of me and all my friends across north america lit up on icq are long gone. but loves, i remember where you used to call home. all your old geographies. one day, if everything aligns, maybe we can see each other again.