2023-07-27: rice duty

had supper with friends last night; one of our friends was dropping their kid off for a playdate, so with supper almost made but the cook away, i got put on rice duty.

i make a lot of rice, especially in the winter. enough that i buy it by the sack. i've never used a rice cooker, to the horror of some of my coworkers. stovetop and timers. ended up making double what i usually do, so i allowed myself a couple quick peeks, but it turned out fine, nice and fluffy. shawarma chicken, basmati rice, cherry tomatoes from our garden, feta, yogurt sauce. the tail end of the ball game. chatting till kid-pickup time.

came home and picked more tomatoes, had to extract our younger dog from the potato patch again. we put up fencing around the vegetable garden, but there are little holes. he's figured out he can shimmy through. and he likes to get in trouble.

the weather here very hot the last few days, a storm a couple nights ago, threats of extreme weather posted (but thankfully not realized). the soil in the vegetable garden still pretty moist.

today a quieter day. tomorrow a cidery tour and the drive-in theatre.