2023-08-14: common dreams

a long time ago, at the end of the last century, there was a girl i used to exchange emails with. this wasn't long running; maybe a handful; but she was the one who found me and she was a free spirit and talked about her dream of living in rural france, staying up all night, and writing.

we were young and this is a common dream and isn't it romantic? the writing, i mean. but also the surroundings, and the circumstances, the staying-up-late. she talked about sleeping in till the afternoon. puttering about for a few hours. making coffee and then sitting down to it.

i was on goodreads earlier today and i saw her name and i'm sure that particular person wasn't her, but something about seeing it brought back the memory of those emails. we all change; so many people i know from those days are only active on facebook; but i have a mental image of her with goodreads as her only social media, posting from some little village on the coast, updating her favourites and progress and wants-to-reads.