2023-08-19: breakfast; new poems?

we almost never go out for breakfast — we live a little ways out, it's easier to cook for ourselves, and i think i do a pretty good job; but, a few times a year we head downtown to this trendy little below-ground café that does great breakfasts. got there at opening, didn't have to wait for a table. my partner had eggs benedict; i had sourdough toast and poached eggs with hummus and chili oil.

goddamn it was good. looking around as we ate, we were definitely on the older side of the crowd: a few seniors, but most of the people somewhere in their twenties. we finished our breakfast, our cappuccino (me) and chai latte (her), then got on with the day.

i'm cagey about what i post here, how many details to include, but: a couple days ago i had a publisher email me to say that they're starting to plan their next batch of chapbooks, & would this be something that interests me, would i maybe send in some of what i'm currently working on?


i don't know if this is for sure, or timelines, but i'm hopeful to have another chapbook of poems out in the world.