2023-08-22: false fall

the weather's been cooler for a week. hovering below 20 during the day, grey, and varying amounts of rain. we've been bringing in vegetables from the garden, having them with our lunches. the basement, where i work during the day, has been darker. i work with the lights off, curtains shut, and it's been something close to night.

(i'm not sure when i started preferring this sort of setup for my work — years ago, i think, something about focusing the monitor's glow —)

we took the dogs down to the urban woodlands on sunday and walked for a couple of hours. these are well-tended, trails marked, and we took our usual route, wending south through aspen woods, to open grasslands, then back up to a section full of oaks. acorns on the trailpaths. beautiful wildflowers around us. i saw bottle gentian, and some kind of aster; and goldenrod, i think, though i didn't take pictures to check against later.

the cool weather's supposed to last a few more days, before turning. something of a false fall. but only somewhat. the leaves are starting to yellow. the neighbours' trees starting to shed in our yard. it may be early, but it's still august. we're in the final burn of summer.