2023-08-25: desks; wet

do my dreams mean anything in particular? does writing about them reinforce their return? a strange one last night, coming in to sit down at a bank of desks (the chairs-plus-writing-surface kind you'd see in a university class), and seeing her again, my brief flame.

i sat down next to her. i didn't want to; i tried not to; and in the way of dreams, i was unable to not sit down.

waking to a very wet world. filling the dogs' bins with their food in the basement, and seeing 66% humidity on the reader. the weather site: 94% outside. turned on the dehumidifier, fed the hounds, took them to the end of the block to pee. the air so full of moisture my eyelashes heavy and wet.

back in. open the laptop, open a browser. i've been spending the last little while slowly reading an old journal personal journal inexplicably still online. officially only five months of entries; but; the urls a particular format. i'm curious: are there any other months? (yes.) & how far back does this go, anyway? (years.)

i've been reading for days. i've only covered a couple of months. years to go. this stranger, somewhere south of me.