2023-12-02: healing

i mentioned a couple weeks ago that i'd started seeing a physiotherapist. at that time, it had been a month, month and a half?, since starting. my shoulder is finally starting to feel a lot better. it's not perfect, but it feels like it's 90% back to normal. just certain compound motions i have trouble with. i don't get stabbing pains when putting on a shirt or jacket anymore. i can hold my hand up behind my back without feeling a painful tightness. slow improvement.

& the big trip's coming up quicker than i'd like to admit. no vacation in years, and suddenly a vacation? what is this?!

speaking of which, we made plans a few months ago to travel to the states with family and friends, catch a jays series, make a big thing of it. now it turns out there's a concert we want to go to as well. same city...two weeks before. we're doing both. what the hell, why not. tickets go on sale soon. we'll see if we can snag any, then figure out hotels etc. it'll be fun. there's been a distinct lack of fun since 2019. i'm ready for some small amount of change.