2023-12-03: getting sick/prep work

woke up with a sore throat. there's never a great time to get sick, but if i'm going to be going somewhere soon, maybe better now than during? or right before? we're sitting down today, making a list of all the things we need to do. get currency, certain clothes, etc etc. we've already had a bunch of vaccines, are getting covid boosters in a couple of weeks. i've picked up extra medication for my dog, or else he'd run out on new year's day; don't want the sitter to have to deal with the vet office.

it's starting to get real. it's starting to get exciting. it's been way too long since we've had a vacation. i'm looking forward to relaxing and writing and eating too much and just whatever else we want to do, without a plan. plans are good, plans are important, but sometimes the lack of one is better.

it's 9 am. i've just put the coffee on the stove. grey and snowy and dirty out. a landscape that's easy to leave.