2024-01-07: one thing into another

this holiday's barely been. sick on the trip, and now dealing with flare-ups.

this is a regular irregular thing. every year, year and a half or so? when i was a kid i'd lie on my back on my bed and my spine felt "off". fast forward to my first office job and one of the supervisors asked me to help move a (fairly light) couch across the floor. i lifted properly, and —

yeah. i was given the rest of the day off. i somehow took the bus home. i lay on my stomach in agony and watched the blue jays lose. a double indignity.

and every so often (like late last week), it just happens. i'm doing all the recovery things. ice, heat, ibuprofen + methocarbamol tablets. regular activity (well, walking the dogs). i can tell i'm getting better, i just feel off. and the last week's been kind of shit. it hasn't felt like a vacation. and i'll get back to regular writing soon. i just need my back to calm down, so that now that i'm seeing a physio for my shoulder, i can talk to him about that too.

yesterday i wrote my first poem of 2024. it helps that the last few years i've been writing a new year's poem the first few days of the year. that one always seems to come easy.