2024-03-23: collapsing plans

this summer, we'd planned to drive down to the states twice in two weeks: once to catch some baseball, and another time for a concert. i'm pleased to say that the plans have changed, that due to the artist playing additional dates in much-closer cities, we're able to catch one of those instead.

even being out the ticket costs, with not having to pay for the gas or hotel, we still come out ahead. i like driving, but do i like driving 8-10 hours (each way) twice in two weeks? not really. i got that out of my system in my 20s.

some other plans: may be heading west before the fall. we'll see. the summer's shaping up to be surprisingly full. the only set period where we'll be here a couple of weeks where we're dogsitting for friends while they head out to the maritimes.

making up for lost time, i suppose. both us and our friends. i feel bad leaving the dogs, even though it'll be with family or close friends. our oldest now almost 13, his birthday in a few months. not many more summers. i try not to think about this. still happy and energetic. hopefully at least three more.