2024-03-26: cooling; crater

on bluesky last night, i saw this:

Genuine nostalgia is realizing that our feeling is not for the thing itself, but for the fact that it struck us when the surface of our world was still cooling, and therefore the crater it left was larger than it might otherwise have been.

this nostalgia i've been feeling, this sickness i identify as such: have i been obsessing all wrong? am i mourning not the loss-of-the-thing, but the person i was at the time?

i stopped for lunch with some friends yesterday, a little hole-in-the-wall vietnamese restaurant surrounded by a closed-down pawn shop, an empty lot with a sign promising the best furniture, reams of graffiti, a boarded-up 7-11. a slow lunch of spring rolls, deluxe beef pho, vietnamese coffee. great food, and grateful for such good company.

paying my bill, i take a fortune cookie. note my lucky numbers. i read the fortune. someone is thinking of you.