2024-04-08: totality

too far north for anything resembling it. and overcast, though the sun peeked through the wispy banks of clouds. i'm fortunate to work from home, so early in the morning, i made a pinhole camera and took a quick break in the afternoon to try it out. it worked, but it was underwhelming. next time, i buy glasses.

incredible if you think about it, the way it all works. the earth, moon and sun, at such precise distances that these eclipses are not even possible, but semi-regular.

jokes on social media: it's still light out. this is bullshit. pictures on my timeline, many of them stunning. an acquaintance who witnessed the totality mentions that there was a sudden chill, sharp darkness, the birds silenced. book of revelations stuff.

the sun setting as i type this. tomorrow any other day. tomorrow i take a half-day off, go get the tires swapped, go get an oil change, wash the car. listen to the birds sing. get back to it.