2024-04-21: keeping busy

the last few weeks have been pretty busy with music-related stuff. specifically, writing it. i've been practicing my fiddle and my guitar a little, but, uhhh, not a lot. i need to get back to that this week. this weekend i've been heads down working on a poem for the first time since all this music stuff started consuming my time. feels really good. yesterday i spent curled up on the basement couch, drinking coffee, working on the poem, listening to the strange ambience of richard skelton on the sonos.

i want to make music like that one day. i can compose, but i can't record, if that makes sense? i'm good enough at a bunch of instruments, not good enough at others. i have a good ear, just enough training, and this keeps me from starting. i know how things are supposed to sound. i'm not there yet. keep practicing. keep practicing.

we took the dogs on a two hour walk this morning, meandering through a couple different neighbourhoods. our younger one ran down into the water at a nearby pond, had a little drink, cooled himself off. asleep now on the couch. we're about to head out to our weekly supper with friends. we're bringing homemade peanut butter pie. a good weekend, y'know?